Herend Limited Edition Horse Bust (Multi Color)

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SKU: MHANI00155-01

Herend Limited Edition Horse Bust (Multi Color)

Limited Edition one of 250 pieces. *Please note there is a small chip to this piece on the horse's mane see images in detail.

An original hand painted Hungarian bust of a majestic Horse with flowing mane.

Quiet dignity, abundant grace and unbridled spirit are adroitly captured in Herend’s porcelain portrayal of one of society’s best-loved animals. Although horses’ earliest contact with man was around 30,000 B.C., domestication wasn’t seen until 3000 B.C. in China where horse-drawn carriages were used in wars. Horses became a popular subject in Roman art, and they gained further recognition by cowboys and American Indians who relied heavily on them for survival. The word “equus” – meaning horse – originated in ancient Greece and means “quickness.” Seventeen craftspeople give form to Herend’s magnificent horse bust, which requires three days to paint.

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